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Solarheat is easily exploited not only by communities but also by individuals with high efficiency and simple means, let's help you to profit from it.

As your partner we provide:

  • Radiation measuring equipment for temporary mounting to define the optimal location for solar panels

  • Feasability study and conceptual design

  • Investment calculation based on measurment or general meteorological data

  • Detailed design of photovoltaic system

  • Photovoltaic panels

  • Accumulator

  • Charger

  • Inverter

  • Supervising equipment

  • Installation and wiring

  • Commissioning

  • Quality assurance

  • Operation guide

  • Maintenance

For educational institutions such as universities, research institutes, job training, secondary schools

we provide in addition:

  • Didactic Material

  • Test and measuring equipment

  • Training programms

  • Training