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Grid Study & SCADA

Grid Studies

A grid study has to be carried out to provide the data necessary for the design of the auxiliary equipment of the wind turbine taking into consideration the alternator, the substation equipment and the grid data at the point of connection.

REETech supports you or takes over for you:

  • Provision of assessment programs

  • Training in program application

  • Execution of grid studies

  • Load flow calculation

  • Fault level studies

  • Reactive compensation system study

  • Voltage stability study

  • Harmonics assessment

  • Switching operation check

SCADA monitoring and reporting system

By means of remote data access remote systems will be integrated in one common system with real time process supervision and control.

REETech supports you or realizes for you:

  • Supply of hardware and software

  • Conceptual design of the system

  • System Configuration comprizing

  • Visualization

  • Analysis

  • Alarming

  • Reporting

  • Installation

  • Commissioning

Special attention is directed to user interfaces, quality control and completion of documentation.